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Betts receives MSU Diversity Lifetime Achievement Award

Publish Date: Friday, April 3, 2009

The Broad School’s Assistant Dean for Multicultural Business Programs Ernest Betts was recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the MSU All-University Excellence in Diversity Recognition and Awards reception.

Throughout his 30-year career at MSU, Betts has embraced diversity and inclusion at every turn. In 1978, he was hired as an academic guidance counselor for the Office of Supportive Services, where he developed various workshops and programs to assist students with job-skill development and career advisement and placement.  In 1986, Betts came to the College of Business to develop similar programs. In this role, he created Minority Education Programs, an organization that has evolved into the Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) of today.

Since its inception, MBP has helped tens of thousands of students develop themselves both professionally and academically by gaining exposure to diversity and various cultures and a better understanding of the importance of inclusive learning and work environments. Within MBP, he has created a number of remarkable programs that promote diversity, including the MBP Tutorial Program, several student-led organizations, and the Summer Business Institute.

Betts has also been previously honored by MSU as an Excellence in Diversity unit winner (MBP) and individual winner for his efforts. Now, for his lifelong commitment to outstanding leadership, mentorship and dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion, he received the Lifetime Achievement award.