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MSU-CIBER Advisory Board Members List for download

Members of the MSU-CIBER’s advisory board and the CIBER staff assembled at the Henry Center on September 17, 2010, for their annual meeting and a luncheon.

The board, which is mandated by the U.S. Federal Government as part of CIBER being a National Resource Center, gathered to discuss the renewal of CIBER’s four-year grant of $1.6 million from the U.S. Department of Education and also to receive an update on CIBER’s performance.

The board was also introduced to the new dean of the Eli Broad College of Business, Stefanie Lenway.

Tomas Hult, MSU-CIBER’s director, opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their attendance and by also acknowledging their commitment to CIBER’s progress during the previous grant cycle.

He gave an update of CIBER’s activities and milestones for the just ended grant cycle. Professor Hult said that the new infusion of grant money was going to broaden CIBER’s outreach programs aimed at promoting international trade awareness and providing free consulting and research resources to business people who are interested in globalizing.

Dr. Lenway, whose research interests are focused on global trade, also thanked the participants for their support of CIBER’s goals. She gave a run through of CIBER’s objectives and assured the board that CIBER was going to increase its partnerships within and outside of Michigan to help U.S. firms to prosper in international business.

The meeting ended with Professor Hult urging the board members to network more amongst themselves to further their own business relationships. He also thanked everyone for their attendance.

MSU-CIBER Director, Tomas Hult,
Addressing the Board

Board Members Sharing
a Light Moment

Advisory Board Members Pose
for a Group Photo