Image for 3rd International Trade Symposium: Promoting Environmental Sustainability


Tuesday, November 11 - 13, 2008


In recognition of the urgent need for greater international cooperation on environmental and health issues, a consortium of organizations in the State of Michigan has organized a program designed to promote the development of a new level of cooperation between Michigan and China.

The program will introduce representatives of national and provincial governments, environmentally concerned businesses and universities from China to the broad range of "green" business, research and government sponsored programs which have potential for helping China manage its environmental challenges.

The State of Michigan, under the leadership of Governor Jennifer Granholm, has launched a broad policy initiative to help Michigan industry and universities become global leaders in providing answers to the challenges of climate change. Michigan's century old world class manufacturing expertise is being redesigned to promote the "green economy." Developing mutually beneficial economic relationships with China is a key component of achieving this goal.