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  • Hikone, Japan

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  • Summer

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Eli Broad College of Business

What is the Program About?

This program is designed to provide students with an understanding of international business topics and the importance of culture in shaping business practices and decisions. This program includes international site visits, field trips, and multinational business content .

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the unique culture and history of Japan and, importantly, how this culture impacts the art and practice of conducting business in Japan. We will focus particularly on marketing activities and how these vary between smaller domestic businesses and larger multinational ones. This course will also explore key differences between Western and Japanese culture and business practices that require utilization of culturally appropriate marketing approaches and strategies.

Corporate visits and cultural activities form a cornerstone of the in-country experience. Such visits and activities include:

- Visits to multinational corporations, such as Disney, Mitsubishi, and Coca-Cola as well as smaller, Japanese companies focused on the domestic market.
- Attending the Nihon Sumo Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.
- Participating in a Japanese tea ceremony.
- Visiting such historically important sites in Japan as Hiroshima, the ancient city of Nara, and the former imperial capital of Kyoto.

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Featured Faculty

Dr. Sarah Singer

Dr. Sarah Singer

Sarah Singer is the Assistant Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER). MSU-CIBER is the developer of globalEDGE; the world’s leading online source ( for international business information (based on rankings by major search engines such as using the search term “international business”; globalEDGE receives more than 100,000 hits per day). Sarah is responsible for assisting in the administration of Center projects and initiatives and overseeing the student staff. Sarah has a BA in French from the University of Michigan and an MA in Higher Education Administration from Michigan State University.


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