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Tomas Hult is the new editor of JAMS

Publish Date: Monday, June 1, 2009

On June 1, 2009, Professor Tomas Hult became the eleventh editor of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. With a 2.83 Web of Knowledge Impact Score along with an objective ranking as #4 among marketing journals (Hofacker, Gleim, and Lawson, 2009) and a perceptual importance ranking in the top 5 for the past three decades (Hult, Reimann, and Schilke, 2009), JAMS is among the elite publication outlets for academic marketing research.

JAMS is devoted to the study and improvement of marketing, and serves as a vital link between scholarly research and practice by publishing research-based articles in the substantive domain of marketing. JAMS has a long-standing tradition of publishing articles: that add to the body of knowledge related to marketing phenomena, address "leading edge" issues, are thought-provoking, challenge or shift dominant conceptual and methodological paradigms, attempt to change perspectives and/or cause a phenomenon to be viewed in a different light, and extend the boundaries of the marketing discipline.

JAMS is a highly international journal in scope. Forty-five percent of the authors publishing in JAMS came from the U.S. while fifty-five percent came from thirty-nine different countries. The greatest representation was from Australia, China, Germany, South Korea, The Netherlands, and the U.K. The Editorial Review Board members come from ten countries, and the total set of reviewers performing quality evaluations of manuscripts for JAMS represents thirty countries.

More information about JAMS can be found on the publisher’s site at or by contacting Anne Hoekman, JAMS Managing Editor at or +1-517-353-4336.