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International Business Center Comes to Mumbai

Publish Date: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dr. Tomas Hult, the Director of the International Business Center at the Broad College of Business, Michigan State University (MSU) and author with Dr. George Yip of the newly launched book, ‘Total Global Strategy’, visited SP Jain Institute of Management Research (SPJIMR) in Mumbai in mid-January. One of his key duties was to announce the establishment of a joint venture International Business Center, located at SPJIMR in Andheri, Mumbai between MSU and SPJIMR.
The International Business Center, founded at MSU is the most prominent and active trade research center in the world, currently researching trade and global strategy in over 200 countries.
The International Business Center has close links with MSU’s Academy of International Business, which provides knowledge networks and information exchange programs with Academics and Businesses in over seventy countries.  
To open the work of the center, five research studies pertinent to India have been described and developed as opening statements.
The research, that can last as long as six months by contacting businesses, enterprise and governments, and carrying out surveys of existing sources will be carried out by SPJIMR Masters business students, who will be under the direction of MSU’s International Business Center’s trade specialist, Jade Sims. The students who will be ‘trained on the job’ will be working remotely with paired students at MSU International Business Center.
These research studies will be contributing directly to the understanding of business trends in India, in such sectors as Tourism, Energy and Automotive.
“India has few credible case studies in business that can set down markers for future growth potential, and enable business and organization to develop credible strategies,” remarked Prof. Prem Chandrani, Chair of International Relations at SPJIMR. Once completed, the case studies will also be used to be an aid to educate business in management development, and SPJIMR Masters students in the course of their preparation for Management roles in Indian business.
The establishment of the SPJIMR/MSU International Business Center is a significant milestone in the business life of Mumbai, and will help build close ties between Academics, Students and Business.