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MSU launches international research office

Publish Date: Friday, August 27, 2010

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Cross-campus brainpower could be key to generating more research dollars, according to Michigan State University's Office of International Programs, which recently launched an office to promote multidisciplinary research.

"The need for the Office of International Research Collaboration is the result of a shift among external funders, who are increasingly looking for institutions that successfully cross disciplinary boundaries to address global issues," said Jeffrey Riedinger, dean of International Studies and Programs. "MSU's world area study centers and international thematic institutes are a perfect combination for responding to this expanding need."

The office's responsibilities cover three broad areas: opportunity analysis, strategic planning and grant proposal development.

Riedinger added the services are designed to bridge the gaps between MSU's colleges and departments.

"This new office will enhance our ability to link new funding opportunities to MSU's strategically-focused international research efforts," Riedinger said.

"By combining opportunity analysis, award support and external relations, this new office, in collaboration with other ISP offices, will foster a fresh approach to conceptualizing research projects, exchanging ideas and enhancing the resources available to faculty seeking assistance with international research proposals."

Two MSU alumni recently joined the office staff: Nathan Long, former president and CEO at Central Michigan University Research Corp., and Jennifer Marcy, former regional program development officer at CHF International.

In his former position, Long was responsible for research project development, business insight services and technology commercialization programs. He is also an entrepreneur, having launched two biotechnology startup companies, Bio-Nano Power and Pepex Biomedical, as well as directing research and development programs at Benckiser Consumer Products, Colgate-Palmolive Company and BASF/Diversey Wyandotte. Long holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Michigan and a doctorate in organic chemistry from MSU.

Throughout her career, Marcy has specialized in micro-enterprise and private sector development. As a regional program development officer with CHF International, she was part of a successful team that won numerous high profile international project grants. Additionally, Marcy has served as a membership coordinator with the International Public Management Association for Human Resources. Marcy holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology from MSU and a master's degree in the same subject from George Washington University.

Long and Marcy will join John Whims, external relations director, and Kathy Hull, grant budget developer, to comprise the OIRC team. Whims is an economist with more than 25 years of private and public sector experience in strategic planning and business development. He has been a lead consultant for Fortune 500 food and agriculture business projects and numerous federal, state and local government agencies.

Hull is a long-term staff member serving ISP. She has held positions in the Office of International Development, Office of the Dean and the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa.

OIRC is located in room 4 International Center. Contact the office at (517) 884-2987.