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Lansing Regional Chamber Breakfast addresses the big question

Publish Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

After a moment of silence in honor of Veterans Day, the Lansing Regional Chamber's November Economic Club Luncheon delved into topics of growth, risk and customer satisfaction. Keynote speaker Claes Fornell, chairman of CFI Group Worldwide, spoke about the current state economy of the economy and addressed what he called "the big question": Can we get back to where we were before?

Economic output is no longer shrinking, the global stock market is up and unemployment is rising at a much slower rate, Fornell said. Despite Fornell's positive tone, he made it clear that there is no way of knowing if future economic turns for the worse can and will be prevented, though he did seem hopeful.

"Choice is power and information is power," he said. "Capital follows power."

The next Economic Club Luncheon sponsored by CIBER and Regional Business Travel Trust will take place December 10.

Written by Stephanie Goldberg for the International Business Center.