Apply online for global research opportunities with MSU CIBER grants

Publish Date: Monday, October 12, 2009

The Broad School, through its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), provides grants to faculty, students and student organizations. These grants are a part of the CIBER’s mission to improve the international competitiveness of the U.S. workforce today through for cutting-edge research.

As a part of the CIBER outreach mission, the grants can also be given to faculty and doctoral students from other universities across the country. 

There are three kinds of grants provided: curriculum development, professional development, and research. Through the MSU-CIBER Professional Development Grants Program, Thomas Jeitschko, professor of economics, was able to attend the European Meetings of the Econometric Society in Barcelona, Spain this past month. “My attendance in conference provided massive knowledge on the economics of litigation and intellectual property rights,” Jeitschko said. “I can confidently say that those experiences and insights I obtained there will lead to international collaborations in this area.”

These grants fund diverse opportunities, spanning wide categories available on almost any level of students and student organizations. For instance, master’s students can win the grant if the plan to go on to get their Ph.D. Even undergraduate student organizations can be invited to apply for the grant in a hope of inviting renowned speakers to their events.

The applicants do not necessarily need to go abroad to make study sufficiently international. “Recipients could go to Washington, DC as long as the substance of the research is international. Since what we look for is the content, it does not have to happen half way around the world in order to be international,” said Irem Kiyak, Associate Director of MSU-CIBER.

Between fifty and one hundred recipients benefit from these grants each year. More than $47,500 is given in grants every year, not including the conference grants. “It is a distribution of huge wealth across the disciplines. We have been focused on fare and equal chances provided through screening redundancy of recipients. So, it could be transparent and open opportunities for those who are coming forth further academic achievements to contribute U.S international competency,” added Dr. Irem Kiyak.

The grants are provided through various agencies. Significant portions of the grants come from the federal government, under the CIBER umbrella in the U.S. Department of Education. In addition, funds from MSU organizations such as the Provost’s office, Dean’s office, Vice President for research and more can be used. The Broad School has a long-standing tradition of receiving external grants that help leverage other forms of funding including public funding and corporate support.

Applicants can get more grant information online at:

The entire application process can be completed online. The grants are issued on a monthly review cycle and proposals may be submitted at any time. Because the entire process occurs online, the review process is prompt and transparent.