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MSU-CIBER Advisory Board Members List for download

The MSU-CIBER advisory board gathered for its annual meeting on Friday, September 18, 2009. The board gathered for its annual meeting on Friday, September 18, 2009. The Board, which was comprised of members from the business, government and education communities, discussed the activities of MSU-CIBER. The meeting began with the State of MSU-CIBER address given by Director Tomas Hult. He addressed general issues and strategic plans such as grant competitions, expansion of international reach, activities and MSU-CIBER during the presentation.

Irem Kiyak, associate director at the International Business Center, gave a brief presentation focusing on finances and proposal issues. She reported about two kinds of funding opportunities and the session became lively with the discussion of finding any new of funding sources that remain untapped.

Elvin Lashbrooke, interim dean at the Eli Broad College of Business, welcomed the advisory board at lunch and discussed the impact of budget cuts from the economic recession and bad economic status of state government on the overall activities of MSU-CIBER including study abroad program. He also pointed out the importance of a new prospective and the growing area of study such as security and supply chain management where MSU-CIBER should aim to look for initiatives.

After lunch, Sarah Singer, CIBER assistant director, gave an overview of the Michigan Export Growth Program. She included specific MSU-CIBER products such as the globalEDGE Export modules.

Lastly, Tunga Kiyak, the CIBER Outreach Coordinator, reported about developments to the “Market Potential Index” with aggregating detailed and specific data. He spoke about plans to generate a global index, the Lodging Market Potential Index, comparing numerous destinations over the globe.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of the assignment for advisory board members to generate and agree on one benchmark study to be done periodically by MSU-CIBER. Throughout the meeting, Advisory Board members provided a lot of interesting and inspiring suggestions as to how to avoid the repetition of previously done studies and agendas to make strides toward truly new innovations.

Tomas Hult, MSU-CIBER Director, addresses the Board at the 2009 annual meeting.

MSU-CIBER Advisory Board members enjoy lunch at the Henry Center welcomed by interim dean of the Eli Broard College of Business, Elvin Lashbrooke.

Tunga Kiyak, the CIBER Outreach Coordinator presents about developments to the "Market Potential Index."