Image for Lansing Economic Club: David Dombrowski


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Dombrowski is a highly decorated veteran with over 35 years of experience in Major League Baseball. He started his career with the Chicago White Sox in 1979 and within 3 years was named assistant general manager of the organization. He then joined the Montreal Expos in 1985 and was named the United Press International Major League Executive of the Year in 1990.

When the Miami Marlins were formed in 1991, Dombrowski was hired as their first general manager and executive vice president. He remained with the team for 9 years. With the help of his guidance, the Marlins won the 1997 World Series, and in 1998, they were named the USA Today Organization of the Year.

In 2001, Dombrowski came to Detroit and was named the president of the Tigers. He became the general manager of the Tigers in 2002. Since joining the team, the Tigers have been conference champions for four straight years (2011-2014), made three straight American League Championship appearances (2011-2013), and made two World Series appearances (2006, 2012).



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