Image for Celebrating Rumi in the 21st Century


Saturday, November 3, 2007


This conference examines the poetry & philosophy of Rumi, the 13th-century Muslim poet, philosopher, & mystic, & its relevance to contemporary understandings of Islamic culture. It also deals with renewed interests in Rumi's writings in recent years throughout the Middle East, Europe, & the United States. The starting point of the conference is Rumi's well-known verse "come, come again, whoever you are, come!" Rumi's eloquent & humanistic poetry, written sometimes with a sense of humor, creates a window on Islamic beliefs, values, & wisdom that is far removed from images of violence & terrorism. Bringing well-known scholars of Islamic mysticism, Rumi, & the Middle East together, we explore Rumi's writings, their place in Islamic literature & society, & their resurgence as bestsellers in the West. The universality of Rumi's poetry fosters an understanding of the human experience that transcends the boundaries of nations, religions, & languages.


Parlour Room, MSU Student Union