Image for International Trade Symposium: The Michigan Challenge II


Thursday, October 25, 2007


The State of Michigan is in the midst of a decades long transition from a predominantly manufacturing economy, largely geared to a North American market, to becoming a successful participant in an increasingly complex, globalized world. Optimal use of existing and new resources will be a key factor in achieving a common goal: A more diversified Michigan economy and broadly educated workforce which not only benefits the people of Michigan but contributes to a better life for the world's citizens. The goal of this second International Trade Symposium is to make a timely, practical educational contribution to this complex process. The program has been planned as an overview/update for leaders involved in a variety of roles in strengthening Michigan's economy: - international business entrepreneurs - economic development professionals, - government officials and employees concerned with economic development, - agricultural export entrepreneurs & leaders, - academic faculty and students interested in international trade issues, - non-profit leaders with international interests.


Henry Center, Michigan State University