Image for Global Business Club of Mid-Michigan: Mexico vs. China: Where is Your Next Big Opportunity?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


While NAFTA opened the doors to increased opportunities south of the U.S. boarder, the ensuing rise of China to a global economic powerhouse pulled our attention and economic focus across the Pacific. However, recent events (a rise in Chinese wages and tighter turnaround deadlines) have led U.S. businesses to reconsider Mexico, in spite of some of its own issues (violence and drug-related crimes). Given limited resources, many companies are asking themselves: Which country marks our best opportunity? This seminar will provide you with the information to answer that question for your company. Our keynote speaker, Al Zapanta, has worked in both the private and government sectors, and has held numerous Presidential appointments, as well as leading peacekeeping missions with the United Nations. Dr. Zapanta will cover the latest issues and trends for U.S. companies doing business in Mexico, as well as highlighting the latest opportunities.


MSU Henry Center for Executive Development