Image for Turkey-Michigan Forum: Trends in Research and Development with Industry


Sunday, June 3 - 6, 2012


The Turkey-Michigan Forum will connect Michigan and Turkish colleges and universities with an agenda addressing issues of engineering, agriculture, water, and energy security in order to help establish and increase mutually beneficial partnerships. This conference will offer ample time to make new relationships and enhance established ones. There will be one-on-one meetings, city and university tours, and panels and speakers to help Turkish and Michigan universities, colleges, and businesses understand shared interests and foci relating to Trends in Higher Education and Industry.

The conference’s focus is on connecting Michigan and Turkish colleges and universities, private industries, and philanthropic organizations. This will be an opportunity to create faculty and student exchange programs, dual degree programs, and to maximize your institutional agenda overall while engaging the private and philanthropic sectors. The “First Annual Turkey-Michigan Forum on Trends in Research and Development with Industry” will be a rare opportunity to meet with government officials, connect with your alumni, and develop lasting partnerships with Turkish counterparts.