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The following individuals have made contributions to the Broad Education Abroad Scholarship Fund

Ms. Jennifer L. Anderson

Mrs. Ellen Cannon Baesel

Dr. Alison E. Barber

Mr. Jeffrey R. Becker

Mrs. Katherine A. Button

Ms. Abigail D. Forbes

Mrs. Janet J. Gryzlo

Mr. Jon David Gryzlo

Ms. Carrie S. Hinshaw

Ms. Emily A. Jelsomeno

Ms. Susan L. Kendall

Mr. Michael J. O'Malley

Mr. Thomas M. Segesta

Mrs. Lee C. Semp

Mr. Earle A. Spohn

Mr. James P. Vondale

Matthew J. Sanders

Nathan T. Burkhart

Sean R. Brown

Emily J. Diegel

Jessica M. Hajost

Sarah M. Ghesquiere

MSU-CIBER thanks all donors for their kind generosity.

For assistance please contact:

Education Abroad Programs
International Business Center
Eppley Center
667 N. Shaw Lane Rm 7
East Lansing, MI 48824-1121
Tel: 517-353-4336