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What is the Program About?

 The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University offers a study abroad program at Aalto University School of Economics, the largest business school in Finland.

It is one of the top business schools in Europe, and a major player in European business education.  It has special ties to Russia and the Baltic republics that permit students to develop contacts and delve into issues that other European business schools have difficulty matching.

Finland, located between Sweden and Russia, is geographically the seventh largest country in Europe.  Two-thirds of the country is covered with forests and the other third with lakes and islands. For years, it pursued neutralist policies that prevented the encroachment of both the communist East and capitalist West thus giving rise to the term “finlandization.”

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is the center of cultural, financial and economic activity.  Founded by King Gustavus Vasa of Sweden in 1550, its first inhabitants were from several small towns that the king commanded to move there.   Czar Alexander I raised it to the status of "capital" in 1812.  The city now has a population of over 500,000 and yet retains a small-town feel.  It has no high-rise buildings, 30% of the land is reserved for parks, and the market square is still surrounded by 19th-century architecture.

The School of Economics, located in downtown Helsinki, is the third oldest institute of higher education in Finland.  The school was established by the business community in 1904 and became an institute of university standing in 1911. The campus is located only a short walk from major cultural sites, entertainment and shopping areas.

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