Research is a major priority at the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. The world-leading faculty conducts inquiry at sites across the globe, and publishes analyses in response to the challenges of international business. Faculty research expertise includes: globalization potential of corporations, global supply chains, advancement strategies for small and medium enterprises in global markets, opportunities in emerging markets and global product development.

Research grants are available for MSU faculty and doctoral students

International Business Center

IBC is designated as a National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education. The Center engages in more than 60 projects annually, including providing leadership of the College's study abroad programs and its undergraduate IB Minor.
Established in 1959, AIB has 3523 members in 85 countries. It is the leading association of scholars and specialists in international business. The headquarters of AIB is housed in the MSU International Business Center.
globalEDGE™ is the world's leading online source in "international business" (as ranked by major search engines). globalEDGE is developed by the MSU International Business Center as "Your Source for Global Business Knowledge."

Research Tools

Journal of International Business Studies is the leading peer-reviewed, scholarly journal focusing on research that spans the entirety of international business studies.

globalEDGE™ Business Review is a journal that publishes cutting-edge articles on a variety of international business issues across different world areas, industries and management functions.

globalEDGE™ Country Insights contains a wealth of information about doing business internationally with information and educational modules on every region of the world

Database of International Business Statistics is a current database of international business statistics available for education and for the facilitation of international research.

Market Potential Index for Emerging Markets is an indexing study conducted by MSU-CIBER to compare emerging markets with each other on eight dimensions.